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We're Dependable

Whether you need to add mobile development as a capability to your business or your entire product relies on it, we've got you and your company covered.

We're Professional

You can be confident that your company will only interact with quality profressionals and will represent your business with the highest standards if needed.

We're Experienced

From project management, to international sales, to software development and design, we have the experience and industry knowledge you need.

We’re A Technology Company.

We specialize in mobile technology and also have experience with most major tech stacks.


We work with all the major frontend tech stacks out there. From progressive web apps, to static sites, to managed solutions, we can help.


With experience in Java, Swift, Kotlin and Ruby, we can handle the behind-the-scenes portion of your project as well.


Olemae Developers can lead the effort in designing B2B or customer facing applications to help drive your business.


We can build you a marketing plan to drive engagement with your platform.

Great People + Great Results

Our company can take your business to the next level. Partner with us to create something amazing.

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Our Services


Our top notch developers have as much experience as you could ask for and immense passion for their job. Our developers are truly crasftsman and a pleasure to work with.


It's true, we're mostly engineers, not designers. Having been around the block a few times, we can offer valuable feedback, and we also parter with some of the best designers around.


Knowing what is coming your way can be difficult. We've been there. We can help you make informed decisions of how to best plan for whats next or even plan for the unknown.

Road Mapping

If you are starting to plan a project, we'd be happy to lend our expertise to help build a roadmap to drive innovation for the years to come.

Bug Fixing

Got a current project that isn't doing so hot? Making changes seems to just cause more problems? We have a proven track record of working well in these scenarios.

Team Building

Olemae Developers can help you build your own team around SOLID development principles. From training to interviewing to managing, we'll help build your ideal team.

Our Skills

We’re skilled in wide range of mobile and other technologies.

While we typically specialize on mobile development projects, we are passionate about technology as a whole. Designing, architecting and building sofrware for the web, or backend development is also in our wheelhouse and we love it all.

  • 01- Mobile Development

  • 02- Mobile Design

  • 03- Web Development

  • 04- Web Design

  • 05- Backend Development

Wedding Shoppe

I wish everyone I worked with was as on top of things as you are!

Matt Dowell, LogicD

Your communication and quality are top notch.

Copernicus Corp

Olemae is a trusted & valuable technology partner for my business. I have been impressed by their unique ability to decipher problems and, with a craftsman’s approach, design solutions that are well built and cost effective.

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